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January 02, 2024 | catering, sustainable, zero-waste

Sustainable Catering Practices: How Caroline's Fine Food is Making a Difference

"The Earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations."
— John Paul ll

The Push Is On

The need to embrace green technology, goods and services is increasingly apparent around the globe. We are now aware of the important consequences our choices have on the natural world we depend on. Renewable energy, plastics, environmental toxicity and water and food safety are pressing issues in our national conversation. Governments and corporations are pursuing initiatives targeting an environmentally friendly future. According to analysts the global green technology and sustainability market size was valued at USD 14.3 billion in 2022 and is projected to register a compounded annual growth rate of 19.5% between 2023 and 2032!

At Caroline's Fine Food we enthusiastically promote a cleaner, safer future for the planet. We are excited to see growing trends and stats like these.

  • 67% of consumers view purchasing recyclable products as significant, with 64% expressing the same sentiment about packaging fabricated from recycled materials.
  • Implementing sustainable packaging designs has the potential to mitigate up to 3.8 million greenhouse gas emissions.
  • In 2022, the likelihood of consumers buying from eco-friendly sources surged by 26% compared to 2020.
(Source: Sagar Joshi "55 Sustainability Statistics for Decoding a Sustainable Future" G2, 08/13/2023)

Our Part

Since its inception, Caroline's Fine Food has implemented creative zero-waste solutions for its valued clientele. The Caroline's brand emphasizes clean, nutritious and aesthetically beautiful menus. We delight in working with clients on "hybridized" menus specifically tailored to environmental and health concerns. We have a strong local sourcing network and are happy to create organic, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, keto-friendly and/or allergen free events. A handful of our corporate clients were in the vanguard of the sustainable and healthy event planning movement but in recent years, that demographic is shifting as more companies and private party planners awaken to the possibilities.

What Green Looks Like

Caroline's seasoned event planners are always brainstorming new eco-friendly event hacks. Some of our current favorites include:

  • 100% compostable forks, knives and spoons
  • Wooden skewers and bamboo paddles
  • 100% compostable bamboo or palm leaf plateware
  • Clear plant-based drinking cups
  • Mini pine wood boats (for display and as food containers)
  • Unbleached napkins
  • Linens
  • Recycled and compostable takeout containers
  • Butcher paper instead of plastic wrap
  • Compostable trash bags
  • Recyclable aluminum pans
  • Chafing fuel made from biodegradable diethylene glycol
  • An array of beautiful wooden and ceramic trays, platters, boats and metal serving utensils
  • Buying in bulk to cut down on packaging waste
  • Glass stemware and goblets
  • Stainless steel cutlery
  • Our shop runs on natural gas
  • We enthusiastically adhere to a "Total Utilization" food policy
  • Composting of food leftovers upon request
  • Alternative menu designs: pescatarian, keto, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, allergen-free
  • Our brand is defined by nutritious and delicious clean foods. Our menus are a mix of nuanced fusion cuisine and sophisticated comfort fare. We offer both creative and traditional service options.

An outstanding Green Day!

Recently, Caroline's had the honor of designing a large zero waste wedding for a valued repeat client. It was held on a working farmstead in a barn that had been converted into a library and recreation space. The theme was eclectic-boho, healthy and sophisticated. We designed a lavish, multiple-course meal that included pescatarian, omnivore and vegetarian options. The dishes were served family-style on ceramic platters. The tables were elegantly set with biodegradable palm leaf plates, linen napkins, steel cutlery, handwritten place cards, glass stemware and compostable goblets. Our staff sorted the cleared leftovers into two compost bins - one for protein and one for vegetable matter. Both were later used on the farm. We packaged "seconds" and "thirds" for guests in recyclable cardboard take-home containers. Despite tricky logistics and a tight turnaround time, the event went well and was enjoyed by all.

Designing stress-free events that dovetail with our clients' individual needs and vision is foundational. When you look good, when your guests are happy, we look good and we're happy!

If you are interested in exploring ways to make your next event delicious, stress-free and planet-friendly, Caroline's Fine Food is here to help.

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