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Steps we’re taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Dear Friends and Clients of Caroline’s Fine Food,

We at Caroline’s have always adhered to very strict guidelines as concerns health and food safety. That said, due to the Covid-19 Virus, many of you may be concerned about how this affects how we are increasing our vigilance in accordance with the recommendations of the CDC and WHO. We want to assure you that on top of already maintaining best practices, we will be:

  • Changing our Sanitizing stations at least once an hour
  • Using food grade sanitizer to wipe down every surface at each stage of food preparation
  • Using gloves, tongs, and other barriers at each stage of food preparation
  • In our Cafe, every surface will be wiped down with food grade sanitizer after every contact/interaction- this includes tables, chairs, countertops, door knobs/handles, lavatory surfaces, etc.
  • All food will be served on disposables and can be boxed separately to avoid cross-contamination

Your health, well-being and safety is our utmost concern. We appreciate your continued support, and consider you part of the family. Together we will get through this!

Caroline, Christina, AJ and Alex
the Team at Caroline’s

Food spread on a table

Caroline’s Caters the First Official Tahilla Gathering

Caroline’s Fine Food recently had the pleasure of catering a women’s retreat. Ten women were in attendance at the October 2019 women’s retreat, which took place at Tahilla Farm in Peterborough, NH, gathered and set up by Third Act Quest. These ten women, who were all friends, old and new, took place in the retreat to help guide them into the “third act” of their lives.

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